Department of Radioecology

Radionuclides released into the environment reach the human body through several transfer processes. In order to assess more precisely and realistically the radiation exposure of the public around nuclear facilities, site-specific models and parameters should be taken into account in the area of concern.

Environmental Transfer and Dose Assessment Model (ETDAM)

The ETDAM has been developed for radionuclides released from the first Japanese commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant located in Rokkasho. The computer code system was developed on a PC to describe atmospheric dispersion, terrestrial and aquatic transfer, and dose calculation for the released radionuclides. The ETDAM was used to estimate areal and temporal distributions of the radionuclides around the plant and the radiation doses resulting from the radionuclides.

Validation of the ETDAM

In order to validate the ETDAM using actual field data, concentration of radionuclides (3H, 14C, and 129I) in various environmental samples around the plant and the environmental gamma-ray dose from 85Kr at IES were measured.

Improvement of the ETDAM

The parameters used in the computer code system of the ETDAM have been investigated to assess more precisely and realistically the radiation dose of the public around the plant.