Low-Dose Radiation Effects Research Facility (LERF)

The Low-Dose Radiation Effects Research Facility (LERF) was established to study the biological effects of long-term low-dose rate irradiation on large population of mice.

This facility is designed to allow us to keep mice under specific pathogen free (SPF) conditions and continuous low-dose rate irradiation. 301.2

SPF Area

SPF Area comprising of the SPF animal rooms, the irradiation rooms and so forth is maintained at 23}2 with 50}10% humidity, +6mm Aq atmospheric pressure, and a light/dark cycle of 12 hours.

Irradiation rooms

The three irradiation rooms are equipped with sealed Cesium-137 -ray sources of 74 GBq, 3.7 GBq, and 0.185 GBq, which enable us to continuously irradiate a maximum of 1,080 SPF mice with -rays at the 3 dose rate (20, 1, 0.05 mGy/day).