Advaced Molecular Bio-Science Research Center (AMBIC)

gWhat are the mechanisms of the effects seen in very low dose radiation exposures and its effect on the human health ?h To elucidate this, the biological effects of continuous low-dose rate radiation exposure on the gene expression, protein synthesis, cellular and tissue responses are studied using experimental animals in the Advanced Molecular Bio-science Research Center (AMBIC).

The results of these studies, based on cellular and molecular biotechnology, should be useful for the estimation of human risks.

  1. Mechanisms of carcinogenesis associated with oncogenic alterations
  2. Mechanisms of neoplastic and non-neoplastic disorders related to the bio-defense system
  3. Mechanisms of transgenerational effects resulting from gene alterations in germ cell
  4. Establishment of speedy and precise methods for bio-dosimetry based on chromosomal alterations

Main Equipments

401.2 401.3

SPF Animal Room (8 rooms)

SPF Irradiation Room

Breeding of a maximum of 6,000 mice is possible under specific pathogen free (SPF) conditions.

Continuous irradiation of a maximum of 1,200 SPF mice with -rays at any of the 4 dose rates (400, 200, 20, 1 mGy/day) divided into 2 irradiation rooms

401.3 401.4

Gamma Simulator


Irradiation of cell cultures and mice with -rays at low- or middle-dose rate

Irradiation of cell cultures and mice with -rays at high dose rates